Episode 66: Shedding Labels & Owning Your Story with Justine Evirs

September 09, 2022 SHE RECOVERS® Season 4 Episode 66
Episode 66: Shedding Labels & Owning Your Story with Justine Evirs
Show Notes

Justine Evirs is a  business consultant, Stanford University Graduate School of Business alumnus, and Navy Veteran. She teaches women executives & entrepreneurs to create consistent revenue models and business plans.

As the Owner & Creator of her signature 12-week programs, Courage to Create and Courage to Lead,  Evirs teaches leaders to trust their instincts and use creativity to create values-based organizations and solutions for worldwide social problems. As the Founder of The Paradigm Switch (TPS) she helped to raise over $500,000 in donations and led over 40 volunteers during her time as President.

She also flexed her grassroots community organizing and nonprofit leadership skills during a three-year tenure at Bunker Labs, a nonprofit that helps veterans and military spouses start businesses. She is a frequent speaker and podcast guest, and is the mother of three children. She lives in Burke, VA.

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In this episode, our host Kelly Fitzgerald Junco, speaks with Justine about her journey into recovery, her quest to become a therapist and help others, as well as the many labels  - veteran, mom, bisexual, biracial, rape survivor -  she wears and sheds, and how she started to truly own her story.

Justine also details her tumultuous life and everything women have had to endure in silence in her new memoir F*ck This: Permission Granted to Own Your Story

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