Episode 60: Cultivating Safe Spaces With Elaine Alec

July 01, 2021 Season 3 Episode 60
Episode 60: Cultivating Safe Spaces With Elaine Alec
Show Notes

Elaine Alec is an Indigenous author, political advisor, educator, and spiritual thought leader.

This podcast episode is Dawn Nickel and Elaine's live
session of #MentalHealthMonday . Elaine shared:

The traditional, relational, action, and innovative perspectives that promote well-being, inclusion, validation, and freedom

 Utilizing Indigenous stories, teachings, and language to cultivate safer spaces for healing, communication, and learning

 What the four necessary conditions are within a "nested system"


Elaine is from the Syilx (Okanagan) Nation and Secwepemc (Shuswap) Nation and is a member of the Penticton Indian Band in the Interior of British Columbia.

She has been a political advisor, Chief of Staff for the British Columbia Assembly of First Nations, Community Planner for her own First Nation, an employee for the Province of BC and Federal Government, and an Entrepreneur.

Elaine has spent over 20 years in over 100 communities across Canada to promote healing and wellness. She is a partner of an Indigenous-owned and operated planning company called Alderhill Planning Inc.

Elaine is a first-time author of “Calling My Spirit Back” a memoir about growing up as an Indigenous girl in Canada and the impacts of colonization. It also provides Indigenous knowledge, teachings on how to cultivate safe spaces for diversity and inclusion.

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